sort tokens

added ``alias'' option to define hostname aliases for a server

fix some logging - we can't use log_* or fatal() before logger_init - err -> errx if errno isn't involved

added ``env'' option to define environment vars for CGI scripts

list instead of fixed-size array for vhosts and locations saves some bytes of memory and removes the limit on the maximum number of vhosts and location blocks.

give each server process its own socket for the executor this fixes a bug introduced with the prefork mechanics: every server process shared the same socket, and this would cause a race condition when multiple server processes asked for a script cgi being executed. This gives each server process its own socket to talk to the executor, so the race cannot happen.

add `log on/off' to enable/disable logs per-location

fix "first location" bug reported by devel at datenbrei dot de. The first location would overwrite the default value for a server, triggering the "`foo' rule specified more than once" error. This also needed a small tweak on how we match locations to avoid breaking other tests.


improve errors during config parsing


add `require client ca' rule to require certs signed by a CA

define config_path as global variable

add trailing \n in yyerror

added prefork option