tag 0.7, "Via Paolo Fabbri 43"

fix a couple of printw fmt strings two %d really needs %zu

fix puntaction

mention u in the "essential commands" list

fix glitch with tab-bar-show=1 and tab-undo-close a missing ui_schedule_redraw on unkill_tab means that the tabbar is not rendered when calling tab-undo-close when there is only one tab.

add utils.h, forgot in recent commits

link the thfr@ article about OOTB-TOFU in the ACKNOWLEDGEMNTS section

add to CAVEATS a note about the naive text-wrapping algorithm

tweak cache-info message

fringes already have a prefix of "~"

crank up cache limits delete pages that are older than one hour, and scan the cache only once every five minutes. The previous defaults were a bit too much conservative.

document cache-info

drop useless struct instead of keeping the struct mcache that's private to mcache.c and used only once, just define its fields as (static) variables. While here, mark as static also gemtext_prefixes.

timer-based cache removal: delete cached pages older than 15 minutes

simplify load_url_in_tab