Clicking on the prompt closes mymenu added this behaviour and documentation

mx & my to mouse-align mymenu Added the mx and my "special" values for MyMenu.x and MyMenu.y resources. These special values makes mymenu spawn under the mouse, like a contestual menu.

Improved mouse support Clicking with Button1 select the item, Button3 is like C-m. Mentioned in the manpage also the undocumented scroll function. Mentioned the caveat that clicking past the last item is equivalent to clicking the last item.

added center as synonym of middle

Window borders percentage are computed against screen width/height

Removed unused property (and relative corrections)

Manpages updated

update code examples + features in README added

Update documentation

Update documentation

Fixed typo (-w instead of -e), mention new flag (-e) + :s/BUGS/CAVEATS


new options `-A` and `-d` + documentation -A force the user to choose one of the completion -d defines a separator. Only the substring from separator and the end of the string is showed to the user, but the original line will be printed

Closing #1 -- Also C-w now works well with multi-byte string

Added initial support for XEmbed. MyMenu can now be included inside other window, with the -w arg