it's spelled fallthrough, not fallback reminded by N-R-K on GitHub (issue #1).

add fallthrough comment avoid a possible warning by the compiler, reported by N-R-K on GitHub issue #1.

comply with -Wsign-compare

comply with -Wmissing-prototypes

switch to kristaps@' oconfigure It's a bit ugly to depend _only_ on the OpenBSD make infrastructure; it's better when things are portable! Making mymenu-portable would be more effort than what it's worth it, so just make the main version portable (again). kristaps@' oconfigure (used also by mandoc-portable and mymenu) is a lightweight configure system that's really nice to use. see GitHub issue #1

avoid some unnecessary strlen

drop unnecessary braces around case bodies

change parse_csslike to receive an array to fill fixes many memory leaks, makes the code shorter AND cleaner!

change initialization order

minor tweaks * don't need to export optarg/optind * use an easier to read cast for indirect array access

goto s/invc/err/

+license blurb

factor out xinerama code in its own function

knf bomb + whitespaces + fold long lines

fix the strndup fix