tweak the documentation wrt XDG and ~/.telescope Point out that *by default* telescope uses XDG-style directories, but if ~/.telescope exists XDG is ignored. While here also use a shorter URL for the XDG spec and add it to the STANDARDS section of the manpage.

support xdg basedir Use XDG-compliant paths unless ~/.telescope already exists. Provide a script to migrate to XDG-style directory for users who wish to do so.

improve the "contrib" section


configure: add --with-libbsd option

configure: add --with-libimsg option

add a short list of features

it's not "a bit more than a working demo" anymore

remove the ascii banner

reword the license section a bit

point out that also gopher and finger are supported

updated asciinema for 0.4

mention that data/emoji.txt is copyright UNICODE, Inc.

add a human-readable title

new asciinema record