add cache-info

allow to re-open closed tabs Save closed tabs to a "killed tabs" queue, for up to a max of "max-killed-tabs", and allow to re-open them. Keep the tab history but not its content. This integrates nicely with the session file, just add the "killed" flag as alias for TAB_KILLED and put it in the ktabshead queue upon initalization. It's thus possible to re-open closed tabs even after telescope has been closed, and tabs keeps their history! Add a new cmd, cmd_tab_undo_close, to try to re-open the most recently closed tab and bind it to `u'. While here, add a TODO for the tab history memory leak.

add side window for downloads

mini-scroll-up/down bound to M-v/C-v in the minibuffer

add other-window (C-x o) and allow focusing help buffer

add descr. to completions ; filter by descr. too

add mini-goto-beginning/end bound to M-</M-> in minibuffer

add toggle-pre-wrap

add suspend-telescope

sort commands

add toc, bound to t

swiper & link-select using the minibuffer!

add M-t (tab-select); extend the completion API

reload-page and bindings

support completions in minibuffer + related interactive fns * cmd.c (cmd_previous_completion): add previous-completion (cmd_next_completion): add next-completion (cmd_insert_current_candidate): add insert-current-candidate * minibuffer.c (enter_minibuffer): support completions in minibuffer