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provide HOSTCC and HOSTCFLAGS variables to simplify cross-compilation pagebundler is a helper that needs to be built with the *host* compiler because it's used to generate some sources. In normal situations, HOSTCC and HOSTCFLAGS are just ${CC} and ${CFLAGS}, but folks that cross-compile can specify there the host compiler and flags to successfully build telescope. The idea is largely based on what gforth does: it re-uses ${CFLAGS} for the host compiler though, while I'm adding an extra variable for that.

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add landlock support on linux landlock is applied only to the ui process to drop fs access and in the fs process to limit where telescope can read/write files. The network process is more difficult to landlock because while in theory it doesn't need *any* fs access, in practice it needs to read (at least) files inside /etc/ for DNS to work.

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configure: add --with-libbsd option

configure: add --with-libimsg option

configure: fix build with separate libtinfo ncurses has "--with-termlib" build option, which forces some symbols from to be moved to It caused the following error: ld: ui.o: undefined reference to symbol 'keypad' ld: /lib64/ error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line

add compat for explicit_bzero Looking at the build failure for the nix package on darwin I noticed that explicit_bzero is used by recallocarray but not included in the compat layer...

fix bufferevent tls I/O on libevent2 on libevent2 we need to wrap evbuffer_add with evbuffer_freeze/evbuffer_unfreeze. Not sure exactly why, probably because we're doing some evbuffer_enable/disable/enable-again. Retain compatibility with the custom libevent1 in base on OpenBSD.

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