move util.c declarations in utils.h it's not spelled `util.h' because otherwise it'd get included instead of /usr/include/util.h

fmt (some missing space -> tab conversion)

typo * mime.c (ptable): colorize text/x-patch

handle text/x-diff and application/x-patch too as diffs

colorize text/x-patch

always include compat.h first

move parser declarations so parser.h

rename: s/window/buffer (but not always) this aims to solve (albeit only partially) the confusion between telescope' ``struct window'' and ncurses WINDOW. It also brings some more emacs-like nomenclature, which may be a good thing.

big refactor: introduce the window abstraction - commands now take a struct window* instead of a raw tab - the struct ui_state is gone - using a window for the minibuffer too helps avoid code duplication - it will let us having more than one window on a tab! :DD It doesn't seem to have broken anything...

add generic text/* support

add mime.c