move util.c declarations in utils.h it's not spelled `util.h' because otherwise it'd get included instead of /usr/include/util.h

provide a way to bypass the cache This changes the last argument of load_url to be a `mode' bitmap instead of a boolean ``nohist''. LU_MODE_NOHIST is the old 1, LU_MODE_NONE is provided just for readability and the new LU_MODE_NOCACHE allows to bypass the caching when loading a page. Telescope only uses the cache when: - re-opens a closed tab - navigates backward and forward in the history All other situations result in the usual network request.

de-quirkify execute-extended-command On RET, execute the command on the selected line rather than what the user typed. This saves a TAB (to expand the entry) and is more in line with the other completion commands.

fmt (some missing space -> tab conversion)

add some heuristics to interpret user-provided URLs

move more stuff outta telescope.c

replace TAILQ_EMPTY/INSERT_HEAD/TAIL dance with a single TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL Now that all the queues are correctly initialised, there's no need for that dance.

initialize all the queues

fix redirect & history the reload command doesn't push the current url to the history anymore.

initial support for gopher item type 7

set the minibuffer name

drop {eecmd,ir}_self_insert in favour of sensible_self_insert

allow space in sensible_self_insert

jump to line in the current buffer!

move in_minibuffer too