de-quirkify execute-extended-command On RET, execute the command on the selected line rather than what the user typed. This saves a TAB (to expand the entry) and is more in line with the other completion commands.

initial support for gopher item type 7

drop {eecmd,ir}_self_insert in favour of sensible_self_insert

move in_minibuffer too

reorder minibuffer stuff and while there also rename the bogus completing_read to minibuffer_read. To get a ``completing-read'' one has to call enter_minibuffer with the right parameters.

add descr. to completions ; filter by descr. too

add toc, bound to t

don't allow to input special characters (e.g. ^U)

swiper & link-select using the minibuffer!

move some leftovers from ui.h to minibuffer.h

add M-t (tab-select); extend the completion API

finally start this completion-read

foreshadowing: the "real" completing_read

completing_read: take tab pointer instead of id

move declarations to minibuffer.h