delay erase_buffer until parser_init The idea is to handle better non-displayable pages (like images), and keeping the old page until the server replies is the first step. It also simplifies the memory management btw.

update the misleading comment in parser_free

fmt (some missing space -> tab conversion)

include compat first and our headers after system ones

move more stuff outta telescope.c

tilde-heuristics for titles use `~username' as tab title if the page doesn't have any headings

fix off-by-one Thanks to the fact that we're using a bigger buffer in the net process, and thanks to the way otto@' malloc works, it was easy to detect this off-by-one in a large page (RFC3089 in particular).

simplify parsers api; use domain name if no title

move parser declarations so parser.h

drop the in_body field and use a bit in the flags field

deal with BOM -- that is, ignore it


drop funny characters at reading-time

refactor parsers: add parser_foreach_line to rule 'em all

fix a case of use-after-free in parser_set_buf p->buf and buf almost always overlap. This means that once we free(p->buf), buf becomes invalid. It probably never crashed on memcpy since because the buffer is almost always quite small.