append killed tabs when parsing session to preserve the order The other option, less intrusive, would be to send the killed tabs in reverse order, but it'd seems strange when looking at the session file otherwise. So, add a `append' flag to kill_tab to optionally append the killed tab instead of pre-pending it.

allow to re-open closed tabs Save closed tabs to a "killed tabs" queue, for up to a max of "max-killed-tabs", and allow to re-open them. Keep the tab history but not its content. This integrates nicely with the session file, just add the "killed" flag as alias for TAB_KILLED and put it in the ktabshead queue upon initalization. It's thus possible to re-open closed tabs even after telescope has been closed, and tabs keeps their history! Add a new cmd, cmd_tab_undo_close, to try to re-open the most recently closed tab and bind it to `u'. While here, add a TODO for the tab history memory leak.

move session_tab{,_hist} to session.h

remove forgotten load_last_session prototype

move more stuff outta telescope.c