link the thfr@ article about OOTB-TOFU in the ACKNOWLEDGEMNTS section

add to CAVEATS a note about the naive text-wrapping algorithm

document cache-info

document fringe-ignore-offset

document the `line.fringe' style identifier

specify that --help and --version also exit

remove the description about the session file format It's been changed recently (see history & killed files) and I don't want to keep documenting it: users shouldn't mess with their history file that easily (this is not an excuse for sloppy parsing, which isn't the case.) Furthermore, the format is easy, I think intuitive, and the code easily found in fs.c.

bump manpage date

document max-killed-tabs and tab-undo-close


rephrase CAVEATS as per Florian suggestion, thanks!

rename set-title to change-title "set set-title = 1" is quite a mouthful. The old name will still be supported for a while to ease backwards compatibility.

bind del (aka backspace) to previous page Suggested by Florian, thanks!

add --corours as an alias for --color Suggested by Florian, thanks!

update the date