add fringe prefix and allow to override offset for fringes alone

add vi-like `~' fringes after the end of the buffers

modeline: add an extra - after the trust status char in part for symmetry, and in part because it seems a good spot to add an indicator for the presence of a client certificate in the future.

improve tabs rendering

move parse_last_session to the fs process ~/.telescope/session was parsed in the main process before dropping in the sandbox: that's no good. This moves the initialization of the ui events later in ui_main_loop and makes so that the fs process, after entering the sandbox, parses and sends the content of the last session back to the main process; when it's done the ui gets loaded and telescope is back rocking. I'm plannig to re-use the struct session_tab during the save session operation soon.

use '\e' instead of 27 for esc

use download_cols to wrap the text in the download buffer download_lines is a very small value, for a normally sized terminal is exactly 5. This was the cause behind the download pane glitch, 5 was used as *column number* for the reflow. Now, to be honest, the exact width passed to wrap_page is not important. wrap_page will only wrap the size string, which we know is less than or equal to FMT_SCALED_STRSIZE-1 (6). We could also hardcode the value eventually, but using download_cols reads better.


extract the key matching logic to its own function

LINE_DOWNLOAD_INFO doesn't have an alt to render

change the goal for download lines

change the alignment for the downloads

switch to our new struct download for the downloads

simplify print_vline_descr

add download and download.* line styles