fmt (some missing space -> tab conversion)

always include compat.h first

explain how emojied_line works

don't treat sequences of numbers as emoji

behold the great emoji-matcher!

keep an inline version of decode

move utf8 decl. to utf8.h

improve tabs handling for the time being this seems good enough. In the future we may want to expand a tab into N spaces tho.

big refactor: introduce the window abstraction - commands now take a struct window* instead of a raw tab - the struct ui_state is gone - using a window for the minibuffer too helps avoid code duplication - it will let us having more than one window on a tab! :DD It doesn't seem to have broken anything...

UTF8 input for the minibuffer!

[ui] read also non-ASCII codepoints

cursor handling with utf8 support the code relative to the cursors movements now respects the width of the characters (zero, one or two cells).

initial commit