add vi-like `~' fringes after the end of the buffers

add download and download.* line styles

fmt (some missing space -> tab conversion)

simplify wrap_page and fix wrapping of pre text The column at which preformatted text should be formatted is the same as the "normal" text, so why the difference? MIN(fill_column, width) is always the correct choice for wrapping the text.

fill pre text until the last available column, not one less This was fixed previously in the wrap_text case but I forgot to update the hardwrap_text case too.

avoid a long line

replace TAILQ_EMPTY/INSERT_HEAD/TAIL dance with a single TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL Now that all the queues are correctly initialised, there's no need for that dance.

colorize text/x-patch

pretty print help lines

always include compat.h first

move help to its own file in order to do so, we also have to export some internal variables from ui (the width and height of the window). Not the best possible outcome, but are used only in recompute_help, and can be dropped later. Also, move wrap_page to wrap.c.

visually drop trailing spaces when formatting a page

add descr. to completions ; filter by descr. too

wrap the page until the last column

take into account emojify_link when wrapping the page