release 0.4

totp.1: make clear the format of the secret

plass.1: add an example of `plass edit'

tweak pwg.1

tweak plass.1

tweak the README

avoid issuing unnecessary `got add' plass always did a `got add $file' before committing changes. However, this leads to a possibly misleading "file has unexpected status" error being printed to stderr. Instead, `got add $file' only when the file is new.

refactor cmd_edit Now it always deletes the temporary file.

plass tee: set binmode to avoid mangling binary data

refactor cmd_tee: simplify the code inline (with tweaks) writepass, it's redundant to have. While here also read/write blockwise instead that of linewise.

remove handling of PLASS_GOT environment variable There's no real reason to have this variable, there's only one `got' usually and people are better off putting it somewhere in $PATH. Retain PLASS_GPG as there seem to be a little issue with gpg vs gpg2 so the knob may be useful in practice.


bump copyright

totp: extract the secret from otpauth:// URIs More often than not, services provide the URI for TOTP and not the raw secret. While it's easy to manually extract the secret from the querystring, teach totp how to do that on behalf of the user. Manpage bits will follow. Discussed with heph.

plass edit: delete the temp file File::Temp lied. it says UNLINK defaults to true but the files were still in my /tmp. Quick workaround, needs something better that takes care also of cleaning up on die().