amused monitor: allow to pass a list of event as filter it's easier / simpler for scripts to do $ amused monitor next,prev,jump rather than $ amused monitor | egrep --line-buffered 'next|prev|jump'

simplify main_send_player: data is always NULL

change play_*() so that they return an integer this will allow to remove the `got_stop' hack in player.c

drop functions prototypes private to player.c and move hdl there too

refactor the player_shouldstop/sio_write dance in a function

keep the current song if load input was generated by show -p `amused show -p' generates a listing in the form of song > current song song ... This adds an heuristic to `amused load' so that the current song can be set if it's prefixed by "> ". It's particularly useful when re-importing the state from a previous run.

add the `monitor' command

add a monitor functionality this pings all the "interesting" events to clients that issued a IMSG_CTL_MONITOR, except to the one that generated such event.

allow changing sample bit size

show repeat one/all status in `amused status' output

add (and handle) cmd `repeat'

handle eof wrt repeat_one

support setting the number of channels for flac and vorbis

add `jump' subcommand to play the first matching

change res->file to be a path instead of a FILE *