s/player_setrate/player_setup when the function was renamed, the error messages weren't.

fmt; fold long lines


handle flacs with bps != 16 and/or channels != 2

second part of the "unbroke flac" in 0da0ad46 i got the return value wrong, so flac are broken wrt stop/next/previous (which are all stops from the player process pov.) Reported also by Dirk-Wilhelm Peters, thanks!

unbreak flac: add back missing counter reset spotted by sdk@, thanks!

change play_*() so that they return an integer this will allow to remove the `got_stop' hack in player.c

drop now unused #include <sndio.h> with the recent refactoring, sndio is only visible in player.c

refactor the player_shouldstop/sio_write dance in a function

allow changing sample bit size

don't log when we abort the decoding

don't leak file descriptors

cleanup flac code

support setting the number of channels for flac and vorbis

add status subcommand