s/player_setrate/player_setup when the function was renamed, the error messages weren't.

...and unbreak ogg vorbis too... i'm seriously shocked at how bad i did the play_* refactoring. missed too many details.

change play_*() so that they return an integer this will allow to remove the `got_stop' hack in player.c

drop now unused #include <sndio.h> with the recent refactoring, sndio is only visible in player.c

refactor the player_shouldstop/sio_write dance in a function

allow changing sample bit size

simplify further the code

simplify code and don't log non-fatal errors

vorbis: fix logging and don't die on invalid files

don't leak file descriptors

support setting the number of channels for flac and vorbis

add status subcommand

initial commit