tag 1.8.1 -- "Lightbulb Sun" bugfix release gmid 1.8.1 "Lightbulb Sun" bugfix release ========================================= Released Feb 10, 2022. signify(1) pubkeys for this release: RWTy3UJQzpxBUAymBwb2EGLLm0b3H/1n8hzhaC9HYFYzNuTavGt9QSwC Bug fixes --------- * fix landlock usage on linux: don't assume that access capabilities not listed are implicitly denied, because they are not. Mickaël Salaün, the landlock author, found the same error on game of trees: > In a nutshell, the ruleset's handled_access_fs is required for > backward and forward compatibility (i.e. the kernel and user space may > not know each other's supported restrictions), hence the need to be > explicit about the denied-by-default access rights. In practice this affects only linux and only partially: thanks to the design of the daemon and the seccomp filter the effects of this mistake in handling landlock are fortunately limited. However, in theory at least, gmid could be for e.g. tricked into truncating existing files, so it's highly suggested to update. Improvements ------------ All by Anna “CyberTailor”, thanks! * don't skip unit tests when SKIP_RUNTIME_TEST is set * add `gg' to the regress target dependencies * fix the "implicit declaration of asprintf" warning * sync vim syntax

start new release cycle

prepare 1.8 release

work around freebsd' printf printf: Illegal option -i this is why we can't have nice things, isn't it?

track file dependency using -MMD if available While here, move the SRCS variable to the configure and add the -includes in Makefile.local; it de-clutters the Makefile a bit.

configure: support --prefix=... It's like passing PREFIX=... on the command line

don't run the test binaries, compilation status is enough During a cross-compilation we can compile the test binaries but not run in the host machine. Furthermore, the exit status of the test isn't really important for the types of check we have, the compilation status is enough. Reported by Nikolay Korotkiy (@sikmir) on Github, fixes issue #8

master is now 1.8-dev

add compat for sys/tree.h

improve libevent2 handling * add configure check * change the way the headers are required (copied from tmux)

sync release

define HAVE_LANDLOCK accordingly

add configure check and shim for landlock First move towards landlock support (#3). The shim is needed until libc provides the proper wrappers for the landlock APIs; I hope it doesn't take too long, but landlock was merged back in May and are still missing.

tag 1.7.3 bump version number

sort tests