CHANGES for 0.1

keys for 0.1 and 0.2


drop imsg; not used

typo; resolve filter-ignore from $PATH

add verify target to check a signed release

TODO: remove date format item

use UTC for times in listings The listings (index pages and thread pages) now use UTC for the time to make it less ambiguous. The mail page instead keeps the local time of the sender, but there we show the full header so it's easy to see to which TZ is relative.

forgot to rename package

TODO: remove gzip item

better gzip invocation that actually re-compress the files most files don't change once generated, but the index pages change at every run and the thread page sometimes too, so they ought to be re-compressed.

remove TODO: the attachment name is already showed

don't hardcode path to sqlite3 and mshow binaries

smingest: use pledge/unveil only on OpenBSD

augment the README with info on how to compile