add known issues to the readme

rework the grammar

cope with #...# comment style and shebang


add rules for ELSIF

temporarly disable the # ... # comment it clashes with the shebang, the initial #! should be excluded... Dunno how thought.

implement the loop bits for smie

fix the indentation for the conformity clause pretty name for the CASE on a UNION value

rework the grammar In Algol68 pretty almost everything seems to yield a value (except loops, mode declarations and... ?) so it's easier (and probably more correct) to have "exprs" instead of "insts" (instructions) everywhere. The "resolvers" are probably wrong, but so far they work.

handle the comma better

delete unused functions

start rewriting the indentation engine with SMIE

tweaks to the readme

specify which stropping styles are available (spoiler: UPPER only)