typo: semicolors -> semicolons

set next version

prepare release 2.0.1

changelog for 2.0.2

add a test for the config dumping

fix config dumping (-nn) handling with the privsep rework the config dumping was unadvertitely broken, it prints the content of the key itself.

use -Werror=implicit-function-declaration for function detection the previous -Werror triggers too easily: on NixOS for example the FORTIFY_SOURCE #warning about a missing optimization level breaks all the checks when using -O0 (which is the default for non-release builds).

fix landlock test include stddef.h for size_t

remove dead code

update mac CI target to sonoma

fix `log access path' with chroot We should open the log file inside the chroot; missed in 4acf495f41d2c26136e99072293ca8b9bff91dc0. See

revert 9f1cce3d0e53209180eabbcd48878c1e989101e7 we actually should open the log file in the chroot, the bug is in the code.

fix log access doc: path is not relative to the chroot Reported by Colin Henein, thanks! See

add a note regarding the usage of the bundled libtls See

sync changelog