refactor print_line_break

switch from ^L to a line of only `-' The ^L implementation was ugly and wrong. Using a character from the already allowed set is better. Also, the motivation for ^L was to avoid breaking existing pages (as much as possible). But using a line consisted of only `-' shouldn't break anything, but only improve the legibility. In the future other characters may be added (like a line of only EN DASH or EM DASH for example.)

proposal: use ^L as page separator in text/gemini

sync changelog

fix patch syntax highlighting wrt multiple headers

sort includes

spend a few more words describing on how the safe mode works

ignore the crashed file if in safe_mode During safe_mode the fs process shouldn't open or unlink the crashed_file.

propagate the safe_mode to the children

don't acquire the file lock in safe_mode

mention -C in usage()


add a safe/sandbox mode When enabled with the -S (or --safe) flag, prevent telescope from writing files to the disk.


reset download byte counter