import songmeta songmeta is a tool to extract metadata from audio files. It is not intended to support every possible encoding under the sun, but it should strive to support "common" combinations. It could be used in the future in some amused clients to provide metadata-aware functionalities.

bufio: add bufio_io_err to reduce the diff


rename buf_write to buf_append reduce the confusion with bufio_write() which does different things, and makes calling it clearer.

web: detect EOF after the ev/bufio update amused-web could spin since it didn't detect the EOF.

bring in newer ev and bufio from telescope merge our local changes to bufio though.

remove now misleading comment

fix amused-web build on linux Here we have endian.h but also need some other compat shims; the build was failing with an unclear "can't include machine/endian.h". Alter our local endian.h to #include_next endian.h. Then, move the various #define HAVE_* before including any header in config.h since some of the included headers were pulling in endian.h before HAVE_ENDIAN_H is defined.

don't ignore daemon() failure

bump version

CHANGES for 0.14

bump date

update imsg test: amused now needs the new APIs

convert to imsg_get_type()

convert to imsg_get_fd()