move the buffering from the fastcgi layer to the template Reduces the indirection in fcgi.c, starts to make the struct template opaque, simplifies the template usage. All with a net negative :-) reads fine to stsp@ (thanks!)

template/regress: use template_free() rather than free(3)

template: join subsequent tp_puts() calls This greatly reduces the number of tp_puts() calls: gotwebd' pages.tmpl goes from 444 to 190. Otherwise, this doesn't produce other observable changes.

add compat for endian.h

sync imsg.

remove proc_ispeer() unused, and was dropped by other copies of proc.c; reduces the diff with httpd' proc.c.

bump version

CHANGES for 0.3

key for 0.4

configure: ensure RELEASE is set to yes in release tarballs

enable pledging of the main process not particularly interesting (and to be fair also quite large) but it doesn't touch untrusted data: all it does is waiting for signals to either reload the config (and the socket) or terminate.

add tags target

properly initialize the `lang' buffer otherwise we end up using stack garbage when the gemini server doesn't send a `lang' attribute. Problem reported by Javier Bravo, thanks!

template: add `regress' target

template: fix processing of "{" at end of line add a regress for this case.