release 0.7

tweak pwg.1 DESCRIPTION

don't decode the whole ARGV, just the pattern for cmd_find UNICODE is subtle, better not slightly tweaks the argument unless we really need them.

decode file names in the current locale Otherwise we output gibberish and the pattern argument to `plass find' may not even match the entries. Issue reported by Anton Kasimov, thank you!

release 0.5

plass.1: specify that find takes an extended case insensitive regexp

pwg: drop -u from the usage, there's no such option

totp: tweak usage() to match the manpage

tweak pwg.1 DESCRIPTION and -w description


pwg.1: start sentences with a capital letter

pwg: specify the expected format for a wordlist

rewrite pwg in perl; fix diceware-style generation issues After a discussion with Alexander Arkhipov turned out pwg had some major issues: - `sort -R' is non-standard (although quite popular) - `sort -R' is not required to employ good randomness - `sort -R | head -nX' has less entropy than a true diceware (not all words have the same probability) So, rewrite it in perl where it's easier to roll an arc4random-esque function on top of /dev/urandom. randline() employs the same algorithm used by arc4random_uniform(). The new diceware generator code was based on a sample code provided by Alexander Arkhipov, thanks!

use File::Path' make_path instead of rolling my own again from volker', thanks!

use extended regular expressions in `plass find' from volker', thanks!