release 1.0

totp: deal with lowercase secrets google apparently is issuing otpauth:// URIs with a lowercase secret, so try to deal with it.

remove `got add' workaround earlier version of got would fail when trying to `got add' a file that was already added (or committed.) Since the error message was potentially scary, got_add tries to be smart and issue a `got info file' first to see whether the file can be added, and only then eventually issues `got add'. This whole dance is now moot. got doesn't warn for files already added. (also, this code could have been simpler from the beginning.) Noticed since the pipe trick in the got sub was failing on linux. Issue reported by Christoph Cremer, thanks!

use gpg --batch --yes instead of redirecting standard output last time I couldn't find the right incantation to prevent gpg from prompting when the target file already exists.

release 0.7

tweak pwg.1 DESCRIPTION

don't decode the whole ARGV, just the pattern for cmd_find UNICODE is subtle, better not slightly tweaks the argument unless we really need them.

decode file names in the current locale Otherwise we output gibberish and the pattern argument to `plass find' may not even match the entries. Issue reported by Anton Kasimov, thank you!

release 0.5

plass.1: specify that find takes an extended case insensitive regexp

pwg: drop -u from the usage, there's no such option

totp: tweak usage() to match the manpage

tweak pwg.1 DESCRIPTION and -w description


pwg.1: start sentences with a capital letter