bufio: rename pflags -> wantev

slightly rework gemini reply handling - rename `r' to `code' - defer the buf_drain() call With libevent we had to free() the header string, whereas buf_getdelim() returns a string from the buffer itself, so we can safely defer the drain operation after the sanity checks.


make gemini_parse_reply() return -1 on error

don't pause the request in gemini_parse_reply() a parse routine shouldn't interfere with the handling of the events; pulling this into the caller makes the logic simpler to follow.

simplify gemini_parse_reply()

configure: add a check to detect Libre/OpenSSL mixings Now that we're using also some bits from libcrypto, it's important to not mix different libcrypto/ssl implementation in the same program. This check is taken from OpenSMTPD. May have helped with

simplify gemini header handling with buf_getdelim()

bufio: add buf_getdelim will help simplifying a bit in net.c, and it's generally useful.

delete trailing whitespace

point out the dependency changes in 0.9

few more fixes for the site

fold line

-current again

bump version to 0.9