months -> years; time flies...

specify what "obstructed" means in the comment; no code changes

bump version

faster vc-got-working-revision invoking `got log' to find the working revision of a file is quite heavy. It takes several seconds to run on some occasions and working in /usr/src is a pain. (usr.bin/diff/diff.c takes _seven_ seconds to get the first log entry.) `got info' instead is quicker since it doesn't have to traverse the history but only parse the fileindex. (usr.bin/diff/diff.c takes one second to compare.) It also avoids an extra `got status' call if the file is added since `got info' succeeds but doesn't print any commit information in that case.

add support for the Author header in vc-log it gets mapped to the new `got commit -A' flag and overrides the author.

cl-loop -> dolist in this case the dolist is shorter and easier to read / reason about

fix vc-got-print-log with files in subdirs otherwise the file-relative-name is computed relatively to the current directory (i.e. you get back the basename) and vc-got--log fails.

typo in the function name and missing vc-setup-buffer

fix vc-got-print-log the missing vc-setup-buffer call was preventing it from clearing (at least) the buffer, so the old logs remained.

tag 1.1.2 fix vc-log-search for got from latest -main branch and for future versions. `got log' changed the flag for search from -s to -S (-s is now to select the short log format.) Support for older got version will be kept for the next few (got) releases.

fix vc-got--log with current got 'got log' changed the flag for doing searches from -s to -S (-s is now a short format log). Adapt vc-got--log to handle it using the newly introduced vc-got--version<=. While here rename vc-got--program-version to vc-got--version.

ignore files created by elpa

simplify some bits of code

fix the quote in the docstring of `vc-got--status'

tag 1.1.1 - update package URL - don't list the TODOs in the package description - update vc-got-{pull,push} docstrings