add some tests for the list parser

include compat.h to xc_SOURCES

free_list should remove items from the list free_list would only free the memory of the items and not removing them from the list, i.e. lefting dangling pointers. We can fix it changing the loop. We could also drop the check in for SIMPLEQ_FOREACH_SAFE eventually since we're not using it anymore, but I'll leave it in place for a bit still.

add a README

add compat for sys/queue.h

add a list implementation This adds a parser/formatter for lisp-style lists. It parses strings containing a single list of atoms. The grammar is '(' atoms* ')' an atom can be a string, keyword, symbol or a number.

fixed __dead compat

Add virtual-env through nix-shell

implement the log level

missing break

pledge & unveil

add compat for bzero

don't leave the password in memory

add compat for __dead

fix readpassphrase compat