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--- star-platinum.1
+++ star-platinum.1
@@ -54,3 +54,24 @@ if not defined is assumed
 .Pa $HOME/.config )
 .Xr star-platinum.conf 5
+.Bl -tag -width keyword
+the X11 display to use.
+.It Ev HOME
+the user home directory.
+.\" XXX: keep in sync with star-platinum.conf.5
+The user preferred shell.
+If not provided
+.Pa /bin/sh
+is assumed.
+This executable must accept a
+.Fl c
+flag to execute a string.
+used when searching for a configuration file.
+If not provided
+.Pa $HOME/.config
+is assumed.
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blob + 9cc692089e1239159da62cb8caf4b8db548003c6
--- star-platinum.conf.5
+++ star-platinum.conf.5
@@ -24,8 +24,8 @@ is the configuration file for the
 Empty lines are ignored, and comments too.
-Comments starts with a # sign and continue until the end of the line
-and can be placed everywhere in the configuration file.
+Comments starts with a # sign and continue until the end of the line.
+Comments can be placed everywhere, not only at the start of the line.
 The configuration file is made of blocks.
 Every block starts with one or more
@@ -35,10 +35,7 @@ If more than a single
 .Ic match
 directive is given, the keybinding will be used if at least one of the
 .Ic match
-directives matches the window.
-That is, if both match class Firefox and match class Chromium is
-given, the directives will be available for both Firefox and Chromium
+directives matches the focused window.
 A keybinding directive is made of the
 .Ic on
@@ -47,6 +44,42 @@ keyword followed by a keybinding, followed by the
 keyword and an action.
 The action can be another keybinding, or a special internal command.
+Special attention must be payed to quoting, as there are two different
+types of quoting with different behaviors:
+.Bl -bullet
+double quotes are used for keybindings.
+So, for instance, "C-a" is a valid keybinding, but 'C-a' is not.
+single quotes are used to denote strings.
+Strings can include any character, except the literal single quote,
+and are kept verbatim: no special interpretation of character is made.
+.Ic match
+keyword is used to match on windows.
+.Ic match
+can either accept the special keyword
+.Ic all
+or match on a predicate.
+.Ic match all
+matches all windows, even the root window.
+The only predicate supported as of now is the
+.Ic class
+.Ic class
+takes a string and matches only windows whose class is equal to the
+one given.
+.Ic match
+directives are not alone: any sequence of contiguous match are joined,
+so that the same key bindings can defined for more window.
+This joining is extensive, and not reductive.
 The syntax for the keybindings is inspired
 .Xr emacs 1 .
 A keybindings is written within double quotes and is made of modifiers
@@ -57,15 +90,67 @@ notation of using C- to mean control, S- for shift, M-
 and s- for super (mod4).
 The key can be either a plain letter (e.g. x) or the name of the key
 written within angular brackets (e.g. <Down>).
+.Pa /usr/X11R6/include/X11/keysymdef.h
+.Xr XStringToKeysym 3
+for more information on the names allowed inside the angular brackets.
-The only internal command available now is
-.Ic ignore Ns : it's a no-op.
+The only exceptions are a couple of keys that are available under a
+special syntax:
+.Bl -tag -indent keyword
+.It Ic SPC
+is a short-hand for
+.Ic <space>
+.It Ic RET
+is a short-hand for
+.Ic <Return>
+.It Ic (
+is a short-hand for
+.Ic <parenleft>
+.It Ic )
+is a short-hand for
+.Ic <parenright>
+When a key bindings is matched against a specific window, the
+appropriate action is executed.
+There are different types of possible actions:
+.Bl -tag -width 10m
+.It a key
+send the specified key to the focused window
+.It Ic exec Ql cmd
+.Ql cmd
+using the user shell'
+.Fl c
+.It Ic ignore
+a no-op.
+It does nothing, but prevents the focused window from seeing that key.
+.Bl -tag -width keyword
+.\" XXX: keep in sync with star-platinum.1
+The user preferred shell.
+If not provided
+.Pa /bin/sh
+is assumed.
+This executable must accept a
+.Fl c
+flag to execute a string.
 The following is an example of configuration file that binds some
 .Xr emacs 1 Ns -esque keys for both Firefox and Chromium:
 .Bd -literal -offset indent
-match class Firefox
-match class Chromium-browser
+# a global binding
+match all
+on "C-<F5>" do exec 'notify-send "hello world"'
+match class 'Firefox'           # matching firefox OR
+match class 'Chromium-browser'  # matching chromium
 on "C-s" do "C-f"
 # clipboard
@@ -80,4 +165,4 @@ on "C-f" do "<Right>"
 on "C-b" do "<Left>"
 on "C-(" do ignore
\ No newline at end of file