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commit - b7b65871fcfd7015dc83b57474f07a894e7050f8
commit + 29db7106fc8937708449827a60cd400f46dd9f7c
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blob + e6f60d3081610c03d863ae4b7c0162a8b6b7bb99
--- kshrc.lp
+++ kshrc.lp
@@ -59,6 +59,10 @@ and for got(1)
 Tweak the output of ls
 	alias ls='ls -F'
+Provide an easiest access to amused
+	alias a=amused
 reset(1) doesn't work as expected inside tmux: the old output can still
 be consulted when scrolling.  If I, lazy as I am, bother to type "reset"