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aartaka <>
omar-polo <>
Mon Jan 17 11:21:05 2022 UTC
gemini: Add with-gemini-request macro. This also includes a minor refactoring of the code to be less duplicative and rely on multiple values instead of list return values.
commit - a903e42230f413b43c0115c69fc044d4b1c8b3b4
commit + 321ea045f067bea4b30421897082ccd0ea25bbb2
blob - 5d4aef8fe2217688c34bc1f47d8c6d89250e3d0c
blob + 240c7e1c5dd5133657586de86f1dba6ab1a3a284
--- gemini.lisp
+++ gemini.lisp
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@
(destructuring-bind (status &optional meta) (cl-ppcre:split "\\s+" res :limit 2)
(when (and (< (parse-integer status) 40) (not meta))
(error 'malformed-response :reason "missing meta"))
- (list (parse-status status) meta)))
+ (values (parse-status status) meta)))
(defun read-all-string (in)
(with-output-to-string (out)
@@ -76,32 +76,38 @@
do (write-char ch out))
(write-char char out)))
-(defun do-request (host port req)
- "Perform the request REQ to HOST on PORT, blocking until the
-response is fetched, then return the meta and the (decoded) body."
- (usocket:with-client-socket (socket stream host port)
- (let ((ssl-stream (cl+ssl:make-ssl-client-stream
- stream :unwrap-stream-p t
- :external-format '(:utf8 :eol-style :lf)
- :verify nil
- :hostname host)))
- (format ssl-stream "~a~c~c" req #\return #\newline)
- (force-output ssl-stream)
- (let ((resp (parse-response (read-until ssl-stream #\newline))))
- (values resp (if (and (eq (first resp) :success)
- (second resp)
- (string= (subseq (second resp) 0 5) "text/"))
- (read-all-string ssl-stream)
- (read-all-bytes ssl-stream)))))))
+(defmacro with-gemini-request (((status meta stream) url) &body body)
+ "Expose a stream (STREAM) with Gemini response contents, available in BODY.
-(defgeneric request (url)
- (:documentation "Perform a request for the URL"))
+STATUS and META are bound to the status code (as keyword from
+`*code-to-keyword*') and meta info (as optional/nullable string.)
-(defmethod request ((url string))
- (request (quri:uri url)))
+URL should be a well-formed string/`quri:uri' URL."
+ (let* ((socket-var (gensym "SOCKET"))
+ (socket-stream-var (gensym "SOCKET-STREAM"))
+ (host-var (gensym "HOST"))
+ (port-var (gensym "PORT"))
+ (url-var (gensym "URL")))
+ `(let* ((,url-var (quri:uri ,url))
+ (,host-var (quri:uri-host ,url-var))
+ (,port-var (or (quri:uri-port ,url-var) phos/gemini:*default-port*)))
+ (usocket:with-client-socket (,socket-var ,socket-stream-var ,host-var ,port-var)
+ (let ((,stream (cl+ssl:make-ssl-client-stream
+ ,socket-stream-var :unwrap-stream-p t
+ :external-format '(:utf8 :eol-style :lf)
+ :verify nil
+ :hostname ,host-var)))
+ (format ,stream "~a~c~c" (quri:render-uri ,url-var) #\return #\newline)
+ (force-output ,stream)
+ (multiple-value-bind (,status ,meta)
+ (parse-response (read-until ,stream #\newline))
+ ,@body))))))
-(defmethod request ((url quri:uri))
- (let* ((u (quri:uri url))
- (port (or (quri:uri-port u) 1965))
- (host (quri:uri-host u)))
- (do-request host port url)))
+(defgeneric request (url)
+ (:method (url)
+ (with-gemini-request ((status meta stream) url)
+ (values status meta (if (and (eq status :success)
+ meta (string= (subseq meta 0 5) "text/"))
+ (read-all-string stream)
+ (read-all-bytes stream)))))
+ (:documentation "Perform a request for the URL."))
blob - 5e7d00632ccd96b9f5c3965433a154c3c58cc3c2
blob + 909c7eb58147e64e2002e5818918fca141be047c
--- package.lisp
+++ package.lisp
@@ -16,4 +16,4 @@
(:documentation "Gemini (the protocol) implementation")
(:nicknames :gemini)
(:use #:cl #:trivia)
- (:export :request))
+ (:export :request :with-gemini-request :*default-port* :*code-to-keyword*))
Omar Polo