Commit Diff

commit - a73493792e50f418dc91d5565572e510f007d004
commit + 385d8c27124fbdf6686d98559ae01dc9c6a8acd0
blob - dd525c8386f67b6ce888dc2da754ed2a2c6d6033
blob + 89f55326edea41032c0eee14bd565226cf770ab9
--- gemtext.lisp
+++ gemtext.lisp
@@ -148,17 +148,13 @@ Can be a programming language name or alternative text
 (defmethod line-eq and ((a element) (b element))
   (and (eq (type-of a)
            (type-of b))
-       (equal (slot-value a 'text)
-              (slot-value b 'text))))
+       (equal (text a) (text b))))
 (defmethod line-eq and ((a title) (b title))
-  (eq (slot-value a 'level)
-      (slot-value b 'level)))
+  (eq (level a) (level b)))
 (defmethod line-eq and ((a link) (b link))
-  (quri:uri-equal (slot-value a 'url)
-                  (slot-value b 'url)))
+  (quri:uri-equal (url a) (url b)))
 (defmethod line-eq and ((a verbatim) (b verbatim))
-  (equal (slot-value a 'alt)
-         (slot-value b 'alt)))
+  (equal (alt a) (alt b)))