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commit - fe90d24fd0cb9cd3b246b8a7936d060f502f47de
commit + 38d4db740d563e981ab3b76031fe912e9af713da
blob - 410087c587a7639281402c5735f9347180919995
blob + e6249ee72fcecfa99359f878b4e3af0f9bdd5431
--- gmid.1
+++ gmid.1
@@ -20,9 +20,11 @@
 .Bk -words
-.Op Fl fn
+.Op Fl fnv
 .Op Fl c Ar config
+.Bk -words
 .Op Fl 6hv
 .Op Fl d Pa certs-dir
 .Op Fl H Ar hostname
@@ -36,11 +38,6 @@ is a simple and minimal gemini server that can serve s
 execute CGI scripts.
 It can run without a configuration file with a limited set of features
-If a configuration file is given, no other flags shall be given,
-except for
-.Fl f
-.Fl n .
 rereads the configuration file when it receives