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Omar Polo <>
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update the README
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@@ -17,13 +17,16 @@ Then, two custom scripts are called in the same pipeli
The makefile uses mlist(1) to gather all the mail of the mailing list,
mthread(1) for threading and mscan(1) for parsing.
-Then, two custom scripts are called in the same pipeline:
+Then, three custom scripts are called::
- mexp: creates a separate HTML page for each mail, as well as the
raw message/body parts and the attachments. It's the heaviest part
of the pipeline. If a message appears to have already been exported,
it will be skipped to save some time.
+ - pe: (parallelized export) since mexp is slow, attemps to run N mexp
+ processes in parallel and dispatch threads to them.
- mkindex: generates the index and threads page.
Omar Polo