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--- gen
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@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ pair lib/profile	rc.lp
 pair .sqliterc		sqliterc.lp
 pair .psqlrc		psqlrc.lp
 pair .cwmrc		cwmrc.lp
+pair mg			mg.lp
 pair bin/acmerc		bin/acmerc.lp	+x
 pair bin/amused-monitor	bin/amused-monitor.lp +x
blob - /dev/null
blob + 350520f1867999e399e8ad9a281f06d3971211ba (mode 644)
--- /dev/null
+++ mg.lp
@@ -0,0 +1,45 @@
+# mg -- micro emacs
+mg is an Emacs clone.  Well, it's more minimal, it doesn't have any
+scripting language etc, but it has mostly the same keybindings as Emacs.
+Having it in base on OpenBSD is a Godsent.
+	set-fill-column 72
+	meta-key-mode
+Set some defaults.  `meta-key-mode' in particular is incredibly helpful
+because it allows to enter non-ASCII characters.  mg still doesn't know
+how to render those (so you get "\303\250" instead of รจ), but at least
+you can input them!
+	backup-to-home-directory
+I don't like to have the whole filesystem dirtied by all those backup
+files.  This moves them in ~/.mg.d in case I need them.
+	define-key compile "n" next-line
+	define-key compile "p" previous-line
+	define-key compile "q" delete-window
+Mg doesn't have many (any?) keybinding defined in compile-mode.  This
+turns it into something that resambles Emacs a bit more and it's
+	global-set-key "\^cm" compile
+	global-set-key "\eg\eg" goto-line
+compile is handy to have and while here bind "M-g M-g" to goto-line,
+just as in Emacs.
+	auto-execute *.[ch] c-mode
+	auto-execute *.[ch] auto-fill-mode
+	auto-execute README* auto-fill-mode
+	auto-execute *.txt auto-fill-mode
+	auto-execute *.md auto-fill-mode
+	auto-execute *.[1-9] auto-fill-mode
+	auto-execute * auto-indent-mode
+`auto-execute' is similar to add-hook.  Set some default stuff for files
+matching those patterns.