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commit - 5b9809494be77ed2eae2004f93fa310eb0f658de
commit + 623cb304105d8d1895d34f1b2467906af130dd84
blob - 4aae3a949ad1d8b9ef98ec06af48af71b0f25ff3
blob + e5b4c2e13d3182f09ac54ec255ff3c317b44f937
--- smarc.1
+++ smarc.1
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 .\" smarc.1 was written by Omar Polo <> and is placed in
 .\" the public domain.  The author hereby disclaims copyright to this
 .\" source code.
-.Dd May 5, 2023
+.Dd January 10, 2023
 .Dt SMARC 1
@@ -61,6 +61,8 @@ is replaced with the page number and
 with the date range.
 .It Pa /etc/smarc/logo-small.html
 Small version of the logo, included in the thread header.
+.It Pa /etc/smarc/search-link.html
+Template for the search link used in the mail and thread page.
 .It Pa /etc/smarc/search.html
 Template for the search form.