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@@ -13,20 +13,28 @@ Check out the [manpage](star-platinum.1) for more info
+OpenBSD' `lex` and `yacc` were tested, as well as `bison` 3.3.2, GNU
+gcc 4.2.1 and 8.4.0, and clang 10.0.1
 Configuration for the build process can be found in ``, but
 you usually don't need to modify it: passing the variables to make
 should be enough.  For instance, to build with `gcc`
     make CC=gcc
-## FAQ
+`bison` can be used instead of `yacc` by changing the `YACC` variable
- - *something something* bison *something something*
+    make YACC=bison
-   `star-platinum` should build with GNU `bison` and flex, but I've
-   still not tried.  `bison` has some defaults different from `yacc`
-   IIRC, so additional flags may be needed.
+Unless you are compiling on OpenBSD, you probably want to change the
+default `CFLAGS` and `LDFLAGS`.
+If `etags` is available, a `TAGS` file is created.  Note however that
+`etags` is **not needed** for building: it's only a support tool used
+to aid the development.
+## FAQ
  - the name is a jojo reference?
    Sort of.  I was listening to 「sono chi kioku」, the fourth opening,