Commit Diff

commit - 04b39415b54ea76d37d3cd9780de8045103db34c
commit + 8a8ff32cf8898e9ee9f4654f114d964e543756ce
blob - 1402e8d41be959e40af820d3858635386fb268f0
blob + 6b37361d1d7cd938e6f64e228b88f3c19e05253b
--- kshrc.lp
+++ kshrc.lp
@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ Some aliases I use when working with the OpenBSD port 
 	alias mup="make update-patches"
 	alias mupl="make update-plist"
 	alias build="MAKE_JOBS=5 time make 2>&1 | tee build"
-	alias pclear='make clean="package plist"'
+	alias pclean='make clean="package plist"'
 find(1) is an invaluable tool and I use it all the time.  walk is an
 attempt to build a wrapper around some common usages of find that is a