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@@ -40,6 +40,9 @@ The build is as simple as
+If the configure scripts fails to pick up something, please open an
+isuse or notify me via email.
 To install execute:
     make install
@@ -60,7 +63,24 @@ and then run it with something along the lines of
 ellipses used for brevity.
+#### Local libretls
+This is **NOT** recommended, please try to port LibreSSL/LibreTLS to
+your distribution of choice or use docker instead.
+However, it's possible to link `gmid` to locally-installed libtls
+quite easily.  (It's how I test gmid on Fedora, for instance)
+Let's say you have compiled and installed libressl in `$LIBRESSL`,
+then you can build `gmid` with
+    ./configure CFLAGS="-I$LIBRESSL/include" \
+                LDFLAGS="$LIBRESSL/lib/libtls.a -lssl -lcrypto"
+    make
+(Fedora requires also `-lpthread` for some reason)
 ## Architecture/Security considerations
 gmid is composed by two processes: a listener and an executor.  The