Commit Diff

commit - 9015538a26494f17ba743f4faf875a4032404650
commit + 90558ca5d6b6db9bd6d013f71d9d743eb5e961f7
blob - d20af24687bc6e6f3b83140b975ea5f6fba4d59a
blob + b29d8ec9cf742a02580f0eb31e981546ae292d03
--- cwmrc.lp
+++ cwmrc.lp
@@ -72,13 +72,7 @@ everything and re-bind most of the keys on the mod4 (s
 	bind-key 4-Tab group-last
 	bind-mouse C-3 menu-exec-wm
 	bind-key C4-slash menu-window
-eat up multimedia keys so they don't get seen by some programs (like
-emacs or sam)
-	bind-key XF86AudioLowerVolume true
-	bind-key XF86AudioRaiseVolume true
 control the playback
 	bind-key XF86AudioPrev "amused prev"