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+# amused
+amused is a music player. It doesn't have any amazing functionalities
+built-in, on the contrary: it's quite minimal (a fancy word to say
+that does very little.) It composes well, or aims to do so, with
+other tools, find(1) in particular.
+The main feature is that the process of decoding the audio from the
+files is done in a sandboxed project that runs with `pledge("stdio
+recvfd audio")`. Oh, by the way, amused targets OpenBSD only: it
+relies its make infrastructure to build, uses various cool stuff
+from its libc and can output only to sndio.
+(I *think* it's possible to compile it on other UNIX-like systems
+too by providing shims for some non-portable functions -- hello
+libbsd -- and assuming that sndio is available. Oh, and that you
+bundle a copy of imsg.c too)
+## building
+ make
+it needs the following packages from ports:
+ - flac
+ - libmad
+ - libvorbis
+ - opusfile
+Release tarballs installs into `/usr/local/`, git checkouts installs
+into `~/bin` (idea and implementation stolen from got, thanks stsp!)
+## usage
+The fine man page has all nitty gritty details, but the TL;DR is
+ - enqueue music with `amused add files...`
+ - control the playback with `amused play|pause|toggle|stop` etc
+Pro tip: amused plays well with find:
+ find . -type f -iname \*.opus -exec amused add {} +
+Well, for these kinds of things I wrote a wrapper aronud find called
+walk that's very handy in combo with amused too!
+ walk \*.opus ! amused add
+(walk lives in my [dotfiles](//
Omar Polo