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commit - 28e06989556925ece5f528edabc1a8d4503f2bc0
commit + be47bd9fbeb2920340509d2d7779d7a23e4b4b8a
blob - 350520f1867999e399e8ad9a281f06d3971211ba
blob + 948f847e15efe2b5c7137be6e5b95600c3b2dae1
--- mg.lp
+++ mg.lp
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ files.  This moves them in ~/.mg.d in case I need them
 	define-key compile "p" previous-line
 	define-key compile "q" delete-window
-Mg doesn't have many (any?) keybinding defined in compile-mode.  This
+Mg doesn't have many (any?) keybindings defined in compile-mode.  This
 turns it into something that resambles Emacs a bit more and it's