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commit - 2b409042b17a5f12c9138df589881e336798f862
commit + d34a1873bb66abbbb97034f1674451d9d47b8e63
blob - 3321e7b528831e9b94193625889b449b33b5af06
blob + 4e30e954ab7655bb3ef4d8d6513b644df781192b
--- telescope.1
+++ telescope.1
@@ -52,7 +52,10 @@ Only check the configuration file for validity.
-from writing files to the disk.
+from writing files to the disk and to acquire the lock, allowing to
+run multiple instances at the same time.
+still loads the session file and the custom about pages.
 .It Fl v , Fl -version
 Display version.