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# change log
+## 2022/01/30 - 1.8 “Lightbulb Sun”
+### New Features
+* reverse proxying support: gmid now can relay gemini requests to other hosts.
+* install gg too: it's a simple gemini client ("gemini get") initially developed as part of the regression suite.
+* added OCSP stapling support (by @The-King-of-Toasters, thanks!)
+* add gencert, a simple script to generate self-signed certs.
+* add renew-certs, a script to automatically renew self-signed certs.
+* multiple -n partially dump the parsed configuration.
+### Improvements
+* reworked the fastcgi subsystem, now it's completely asynchronous.
+* refactored the internal of the server too.
+* refactored the regression suite (in particular reduced the timeout for single tests from 30 to 10 seconds.)
+* configure: add support for --prefix=... autoconf-style flag.
+* relax the "wont proxy" check: don't check that the port in the request is the same we're listening on. Suggested and discussed with Allen Sobot, thanks!
+* relax the strict ordering of options, locations and proxy blocks inside a server block.
+### Bug fixes
+* don't pass through illegal replies from CGI scripts.
+* fix the "double slash" error in logs.
+* fix the configure for cross-compilation: don't run the test binaries just built. Suggested by Nikolay Korotkiy (@sikmir), thanks!
+* (seccomp) allow ugetrlimit(2), needed by glibc on arm7l. By Max, thanks!
## 2021/10/15 - 1.7.5 “Space-dye Vest” fifth bugfix release
This version includes the following bugfix
Omar Polo