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> fm is a file browser for the terminal.

The main goal is to provide a faster way to explore a file system from
the terminal, compared to what's possible by using `cd`, `ls`, etc.
fm has vi-like key bindings for navigation and can open files in
`$PAGER` and `$EDITOR`.  Basic file system operations are also
implemented (see fm(1) for details).  fm is designed to be simple,
fast and portable.

fm was forked from [Rover]( and is still
heavily a work in progress.  Lots of features were removed that need to
be reimplemented and more need to be fixed.

Quick Start

Building and Installing:

	$ make
	$ doas make install


	$ fm [dir ...]

Please read fm(1) for more information.


* Unix-like system;
* curses library.


All of the source code and documentation for fm is released into the
public domain and provided without warranty of any kind.