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Omar Polo <op@omarpolo.com>
Mon Jul 4 14:52:36 2022 UTC
changes for 1.8.4
tag 1.8.4 -- "Lightbulb Sun" bugfix release gmid 1.8.3 "Lightbulb Sun" bugfix release ========================================= Released July 4, 2022. signify(1) pubkeys for this release: RWTy3UJQzpxBUAymBwb2EGLLm0b3H/1n8hzhaC9HYFYzNuTavGt9QSwC Bug Fixes ~~~~~~~~~ * allow "@" and ":" in paths; spotted by freezr * URL-encode the file names in the directory index; reported by cage Improvements ~~~~~~~~~~~~ * move the documentation about the config file in its own manual page: gmid.conf.5 * improvements to the mime handling: fixed a memory leak and improve lookup speed. * log (with low priority) when gmid failed to open a file because of its permissions. * include a trailing "/" for dirs in the auto-generated directory index. Breaking Changes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * deprecated the `map' rule in favour of the new `types' block. * the default list is not loaded anymore when `types' is used; except for the text/gemini to ".gmi"/".gemini" mappings.
Omar Polo