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Omar Polo <op@omarpolo.com>
Mon Nov 29 16:35:46 2021 UTC
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tag 0.6 -- "Piccola storia ignobile"

* new features

 - added a pane that lists all the downloads (current or not)
 - download-path is customizable
 - sandbox/safe mode: telescope won't write anything to the file system.
 - XDG-style directories if ~/.telescope does not exists; idea and
   implementation by Andrea Feletto, thanks!  (there's a script also
   by him in contrib to migrate the setup)

* improvements

 - prefill the save prompt with the file name
 - use landlock on linux if available
 - add HOSTCC and HOSTCFLAGS variables for the configure script to
   allow cross-compiling (`pagebundler' needs to be built with the
   host compiler no matter what.)  Prompted and tested by Nikolay
   Korotkiy, thanks!

* bug fixes

 - fix diff syntax highlighting with more than one header involved
 - [gemini] fix item line detection: a space is required after the `*'
 - handle empty replies (i.e. no header.)  Found thanks to ondollo'
   capsule :)
 - fixed a crash on macOs, by Nikolay Korotkiy (sikmir on github).
 - mention that telescope expects an UTF-8 environment in the CAVEATS
   section of the manpage